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AGE Network is a media company, for Talents by Talents. The unique partnership with TV-producer Tuvalu Media gives AGE Network the ability to enhance the power of the online talents to its full potential. With dedicated partner management, creative help, professional TV production capabilities and a dedicated sales team, AGE Network can provide a growth to every online talent. To create a platform that fits to every online talent’s passion and is just as attractive to sponsors as well as to partners.

AGE Network believes in growing together and believes that inspiration, fun and success are possible when there’s a personal bond between AGE Network and the online Talent.

Influencer Marketing

AGE Network is one of the strongest global MCNs with over 500 influencers in our network. We can help every brand with finding the perfect fit for their brand strategy

Marketing Strategy

AGE Network will help you defining your strategy on how to work with influencers from beginning to end.


During campaigns we will always find new things that can be changed. We will make sure everything is optimized during the campaign to increase performance!

After Sales

After a successful collaboration a will provide your company with all statistics and knowledge of the campaign.


Jennifer Feaster
Jennifer FeasterManaging Director
Henri Lessing
Henri LessingManaging Director
Aimée van der Pijl
Aimée van der PijlManager Global Operations
Lawrence Tandjoeng
Lawrence TandjoengPartner Manager Global
Leonie van Rijn
Leonie van Rijn
William Marvin
William MarvinCountry Manager France
Enrique Murillo
Enrique Murillo Country Manager Spain




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